Timshel Cafe


Why Timshel?

With any opening business, the question “Why” comes into play with every decision that put it together. In the last 3 months that we’ve been open, our cafe’s most common question is pretty simple, “What is Timshel” or even, “Who is Timshel?”

The word “Timshel” comes from John Steinbeck’s book, “East of Eden”. When our initial team sat down to discuss the message we wanted to share with others, timshel is what it really came down to. According to the Hebrew translation, “timshel” means “thou mayest”.  When we break down this meaning, we can say that “we always have a choice”. The truth of life is that we always have a choice; a choice in perspective, in thoughts, in actions, in reactions, and in which direction we really wish to go.

At Timshel, we are intentionally choosing high quality products and service for our customers. We also choose to make a conscious effort to bring joy to our customers, community, and the world around us, which is the ultimate goal of our café.

We at Timshel Café feel that we are incredibly blessed as a community in Neenah so we try to be mindful in our choices to help the less fortunate. One of our first choices to help those in need was to purchase reusable water cups which raised over $300 for the Chiapas Water Project.  The project was founded in 2005 to fund water systems in Chiapas, Mexico (a region popular for growing coffee).  All of the funds go directly to any material costs for water projects in the Mayan Communities that struggle for indigenous rights. The importance of these communities being involved in the Chiapas Water Project is based on having access to enough clean water for basic needs. One-eighth of the world’s population does not have access to clean water which can lead to problems like fever or digestion issues. Carrying stored water for long distances can also have a negative impact on the individuals in the community. With the Chiapas Water Project, On the Ground is striving to provide the Mayan Communities with easier access to clean water which will enhance their quality of life!

We offer our visitors the best coffee from the best coffee beans, made in the best coffee machines. Even our coffee ice is crumbled in the best electric ice crusher for home use.

Check out our Menu and visit us. We are open:

Mon — Fri 6:30am-5:00pm
Saturday  7:30am-3:00pm
Sunday 8:00am-3:00pm